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So you have done and dusted all of the above and are looking to escape your comfort zone and break through your ceilings? This free coaching course is designed to discover/develop your kiteboarding goals & achieve them.

This course is designed for you to capitalize on my 11+ years worth of kiteboarding experience, every thing from learning unhooked moves to workout plans to boost your performance on the water or even guidance with regards to equipment.
You dictate the pace that this course runs, either you come to me knowing what you need to work on and we get straight to it or you need help discovering what you can do to achieve your goals.
This is a private coaching course like no other, with its main focus being to take your riding to the next level!

You do not have to be the best kiteboarder in the world to know how to help a professional improve, everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. If you are a professional level kiteboarder and are looking to improve your game give this course a try.

If you are truly unsatisfied after this lesson, then there will be no charge.

Required Level: Intermidiate - Advanced.

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