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Experiencing the full unrelenting force of the wind is not for the feint hearted, a kite loop is by far the most intimidating trick to attempt! Although It is always good to have some caution when pulling the trigger with this trick, there is no reason to fear it, as you will learn in this course it is a surprisingly simple maneuver to learn.

Learning to kiteloop 8 years ago was definitley challenging, with older more unforgiving kites and no one to teach me, I had to suck up alot of crashes and drink plenty of sea water until I mastered this trick.
As a result I have experienced every possible outcome there can be when attempting a kiteloop, this is why i can guarentee that i can help you learn this trick so much faster and smoother than you could ever of thought possible, not to mention being an IKO & First Aid qualified instructor paired with the latest in kiteboarding safety equipment and coaching technology to give you the safest possible enviroment to learn this extremly satisfying manuver in.

If you are looking to take your riding to the next level by learning to kiteloop this course is the right choice for you!

This course is also an option for those of you that have had the kiteloop mastered but now want to step it up by turning that kiteloop into a Megaloop. (Advanced Kiteboarders only).

Required Level: Strongly Independent (Consistant at landing jumps with downloops and staying up wind).

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