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So you've got the staying upwind thing dialled in and you're looking to take your riding to the next level? In this course we will help you get a birds eye view of your liquid playground by covering all of the essential jumping techniques required to take off and land.
Jumping is prehaps the most appealing move to all novice kiteboarders, I mean who wouldn’t love to experience the thrill of flight using nothing but Mother Nature and a kite.

This course is designed for the kiteboarder that is looking to take the next literal leap in his or her kiteboarding career.
Together with the latest in kiteboarding saftey equipment and coaching tech, I will help you conquer all the jumping fundimentals in the safest teaching enviroment possible, rescuing your board, kite or even you when needed.
As a First Aid and IKO qualified instructor I am here to give you the safest possible enviroment to learn in.

Required Level: Independent (Consistant at staying up wind and comfortable with transitions).

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