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Ready to take the first step and join countless others in the fastest growing water sport in the world?
Let us share our passion with you and give you the necessary foundation you need to start your kiteboarding journey.

Kiteboarding is a sport that can generate an immense amount of stoke for almost anybody, there is big misconception that you have to be a strong young adult to kiteboard, but this is not the case. The kite is attached to your waist, which means even though you get a good workout, you don’t have to be a hulk to handle a kite. I have personally taught people from 13 years old to as old as 65.
Cape Town is home to what most kiteboarders consider the best kiteboarding location in the world, with winds blowing for majority of the year across endless stretches of breathtakingly beautiful beaches and warm weather, there just isn’t a better place to learn.
Allow us the honour of starting your kiteboarding journey the right way by being taught by one of our passionate internationally qualified (IKO) instructors.

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