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Welcome to Airbound!

Airbound is a proudly South African company based in Cape Town. We offer kiteboarding courses in and between Bloubergstrand and Langebaan. We offer lessons for all ages, for any level riders! With years of experience, our courses are designed to the highest standard in safety and quality. We want you to experience the thrill of kiteboarding the way it’s meant to be.

Check out just some of the features included!

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All courses are tailor made to capitalize on our 11+ years’ worth of kiteboarding experience. Everything from your first time, to learning unhooked moves, working out plans to boost your performance on the water or even guidance with regards to equipment and safety.
We can't wait for you to start this journey!


    This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge of how to stay safe and in control on days with high wind speeds and big waves.


    This course is designed for the kiteboarder that is looking to take the next literal leap in his or her kiteboarding career.


    Experiencing the full unrelenting force of the wind is not for the feint hearted, a kite loop is by far the most intimidating trick to attempt!


    This open coaching course is designed to discover/develop your kiteboarding goals & achieve them.

Ready to take your riding to the next level?

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  • 11+ years' of experience

    Meaning we've had the privilege of experiencing the sport in every discipline, and we get to pass that on to our students.

  • IKO & First Aid Qualified

    All of our instructors are qualified for your peace of mind. We'll make sure you have fun while being safe!

  • latest coaching tech & safety equipment

    Because trial and error isn't a option. We're there for you every step of the way!

  • Ryan Siegelberg
    Ryan Siegelberg
  • Jacek Wilson
    Jacek Wilson

King of The Air 2017 Entry

"Finding new ways to improve and keep pushing my limits is what dictates my life style, being accepted into the Red Bull King of the Air was the first of my set goals that I have accomplished. I know how important kiteboarding is to me and this is why I love helping others grow in the sport." - Ryan Siegelberg

Let us help you take your riding to the next level by checking out our courses!

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